We conduct research on millimetre-wave wireless circuits and mixed-signal circuits for next-generation wireless communication systems. We are pursuing the possibilities of advanced circuit design technology, mainly using nanoscale CMOS semiconductors. We aim to realise the world’s highest performance, systemisation and practical application through a wide range of approaches, not only in circuit technology, but also in systems, devices and design methodologies.

Research Topics

  • 5G phased-array transceiver
  • 1Tb/s millimeter-wave Wireless Communication
  • 60GHz CMOS RF Circuits for 300Gb/s Wireless Communication
  • Millimeter-wave Antenna, High-frequency PCB design
  • Satellite Communication
  • Quantum computing/sensing, Cryo-CMOS, Atomic Clock
  • IoT battery-less transceiver
  • Synthesizable PLL
  • All-Digital PLL, Injection-Locked PLL
  • Terahertz Wireless Communication, Terahertz Imaging
  • Reconfigurable analog RF circuits
  • Modeling and Optimization of On-chip Spiral Inductor

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